Have Aliens Already Tried To Make Contact From Newly Discovered Earth-like Planet?

Posted by on October 11th, 2010


Oh man… let’s get it on. Apparently the Australian chapter of SETI has recorded light flashes from the direction of the newly discovered planet Gliese 581g – the most Earth-like planet ever found.

Have we already ignored first contact?

He said: ‘Whenever there’s a clear night, I go up to the observatory and do a run on some of the celestial objects. Looking at one of these objects, we found this signal.

‘And you know, I got really excited with it. So next I had to analyse it. We have special software to analyse these signals, because when you look at celestial objects through the equipment we have, you also pick up a lot of noise.’

He went on: ‘We found this very sharp signal, sort of a laser lookalike thing which is the sort of thing we’re looking for – a very sharp spike. And that is what we found. So that was the excitement about the whole thing.’

If this was a warning… we are totally screwed.

[Daily Mail via Conspiracy Journal]

4 Responses to “Have Aliens Already Tried To Make Contact From Newly Discovered Earth-like Planet?”

  1. EbonNebula Says:

    So… we can’t has new earth? Aww, now I’m depressed again.

  2. Paula T Says:

    Wait a min Planet Gliese?? They must not have gotten the Memo its been renamed “Bonearth” (sp ?) LMAO……Oh and By the Why. Justin R Young is a Talented Hottie !! Just sayin….

  3. Andrew Mayne Says:



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  4. Josh Bulloc Says:

    If they are anything like us then it probably was an advertisement.