The Mystery Of The Lake Travis Photo Monster

Posted by on September 13th, 2010


This picture was taken in 2007 by a college biology professor simply trying to test the flash during a research project near Lake Travis, TX. The professor and his student wrapped up their business near the creepy lake and left.

It was only after he noticed two points of light that he thought was an animal in the distance. He light blasted the snaps and eventually revealed the lumbering monster you see above.

What could it be? Bigfoot? Ghost? Old Man Withers who wants to scare everyone off the lake so he can buy the land cheap and build an amusement park?

Thanks to Weird Things reader Mike for passing this along.


9 Responses to “The Mystery Of The Lake Travis Photo Monster”

  1. n8 Says:

    Looks sorta like an old-school Cyberman

  2. Josh Bulloc Says:

    The poor monster was just wanting a hug.

  3. Rcreative1 Says:

    It looks like a scuba diver. The robot-like head is caused by the scuba mask.

  4. George Edward Purdy Says:

    Need a much higher resolution image. As-is this qualifies as a blobsquatch.

  5. EbonNebula Says:

    It’s not so much a lack of resolution, it’s a lack of lighting. In the original image, the creature ranges from completely unlit, to 99.9% unlit. There’s only 0.1% of visible light to play with, and even with every image enhancing tool ever invented, you can only stretch it so far.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s not a creature at all. This is the first photographic evidence ever captured of ninjas. They are real, and this proves it.

  6. Doug Marshall Says:

    Gentlemen, I think we we are missing the bigger picture here. Clearly, we finally have photographic proof of the enigma that is Swamp Thing.

    As a reminder, Swamp Thing asks that you do not bring your evil here.

  7. Jasong Says:

    It would be nice to have the original to look at EXIF data. From the normal shaded JPEG on the site I couldn’t get eyes to appear no matter how hard I tried. Also where the circled photo looks like the arm on the right is outlined, when I brighten the original it looks like the arm on the right of the photo is bent across the body at the elbow. Just like the student in the foreground has his arm bent. Could this be some kind of internal reflection? Cameras have like 7 internal mirros and lenses…

    In addition, where do they get the 11-14 feet from? If the student was 6′ tall that means he wouldn’t come up to the creature’s waist. There’s not much to go by, but if that is a little grass by the creature’s foot, I would estimate it to be about 6′ tall…

  8. Juniper Says:

    Actually it looks like some guy taking a leak into the water (his back to the guy with the camera), and he turns to look at the guys.. hence the eyes.. his left hand appears to be in the correct position.

  9. Holnar Says:

    Looks like a man in old underwater suit.