The Pesky Psychopath Problem: Could Science Identify & Possibly Cure Them?

Posted by on August 20th, 2010


Who hasn’t dealt with a psychopath? You offer to help them put a sofa in the back of a van one moment, badda bing badda boom you’re putting the lotion on your skin or else you get the hose again…

A new report by Scientific American’s MIND magazine looks into the new research being done into the area of criminally crazy people. Included among the findings on the studies of sociopaths:

• Aided by EEGs and brain scans, scientists have discovered that psychopaths possess significant impairments that affect their ability to feel emotions, read other people‚Äôs cues and learn from their mistakes.

• These deficiencies may be apparent in children who are as young as five years old.

• When you tally trials, prison stays and inflicted damage, psychopaths cost us $250 billion to $400 billion a year.

• Psychopaths have traditionally been considered untreatable, but novel forms of therapy show promise.

A cure for psychopaths! Rejoice, Great Big Fat People the world over!

[Scientific American]

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