Parasailing Donkey Terrifies Children During Horrific Russian Publicity Stunt

Posted by on July 21st, 2010

Holy moly. A Russian parasailing outfit wants to advertise their services in a grassroots manner that will naturally generate word of mouth buzz. They attach a donkey to a parachute and let him fly around a beach for 30 minutes. The haunting screams from the animal reportedly caused children on the shore to being crying.

Take THAT Old Spice guy!


6 Responses to “Parasailing Donkey Terrifies Children During Horrific Russian Publicity Stunt”

  1. wkrausmann Says:

    Jail? No way! Let’s see what other animals they can put up in a parasail!

  2. Jonathan Trapp Says:

    Put all of them in jail.

  3. xalidus Says:

    The US military should look into using this for psychological warfare during battles. We could freak out our enemies by parasailing terrified, screaming donkeys in circles over their encampments.

    It would confuse, freak out and amuse enemy soldiers all at the same time. It would be an insanity inducing attack upon their senses.
    Just imagine six hours of a horrified donkey flying and screaming above them. They would either surrender of commit suicide. And the donkey would get a nice medal and a parade for his heroic efforts. So everyone is happy.

  4. JustinRYoung Says:

    Donkey offensive. I love it.

  5. Andrew Mayne Says:

    Even the donkey? I mean he was the victim Jonathan. And where are they going to get donkey handcuffs?

  6. xalidus Says:

    Why bother with handcuffs? It seems like a parachute is enough to restrain the donkey. Just strap him in and fly him around above the jail until his court date.