The Boy Who Played It By Ear [Weirdest Survival Stories]

Posted by on June 15th, 2010

Everyday this week… Brett Rounsaville brings us the Weirdest Survival Stories ever told.


What happens nine months after that stick bug from Disney/Pixar’s Bug’s Life and Dumbo get a little frisky one night at a Disney holiday party?

You get Ming Ming. The six-year-old Chinese boy was left alone sleeping in his apartment while his grandfather ran an “errand.” (I’m going to avoid making an opium den joke here.) Unfortunately, the poor kid woke up, freaked out and started wandering the apartment screaming for granddad. With no sign of him inside he wandered out onto the safety grate outside the window where the skinny little rascal promptly fell between two bars 8-stories to his certain death.

This is one of those moments where, if this were a movie, the camera would tilt downward following the trajectory of his death dive only to realize that halfway down he somehow wasn’t in frame anymore, and when the camera quickly tilts back up we’d all be met with the image of a screaming six-year-old boy hanging 80 feet in the air by…his ears.

Yes. His ears. (See, now the stick bug/Dumbo line doesn’t seem so silly after all, does it?)

Eventually firemen were able to force the bars apart and pull the little boy back into the apartment without either dropping him to his death or suffocating him.

No word on whether or not he still had the magic feather in his possession.

Your thoughts? I guess if you had to be dangling 8 stories off the ground by a body part it could be worse, right? Any thoughts on jokes I may have left out? Do you have a better survival story you’ve found lurking around the internets?

4 Responses to “The Boy Who Played It By Ear [Weirdest Survival Stories]”

  1. Mike Says:

    How about a story of a woman shot in the head shot by her husband who then takes his own life….well it wouldn't be very weird if it was just that now would it?

    How about when the police officers arrived on the scene they found the woman still alive and making tea still with the hole in her head?

  2. Brett Rounsaville Says:

    Wait, what? I thought you were going the Magnolia route with that at first. Tell me more!

  3. Michael Hogan Says:

    Basically the bullet went through a “safe” section of her brain and did not cause any major damage. You can find the article here.

  4. Brett Rounsaville Says:

    Crazy! That might have to preempt tomorrow's story…

    Thanks, Mike!