On the trail of the Night Creeper

Posted by on June 6th, 2010

As we prepare for tomorrow’s live hunt for what is known as the “Night Creeper”, we thought we’d share with you some photos from a recent reconnaissance of the area. Our first nighttime recon resulted in Justin and I getting stopped by the police FYI. It appears we’re not the only ones paying attention to the weird reports coming from the area.


What stood out most to us is the fact that this area forms a triangle with two other hotspots of unusual activity and they both have large bodies of water nearby that lead straight to the Everglades – a wild environment filled with cryptid and unusual phenomena.


On Monday night’s live show (9PM EST) we plan to go into a tunnel that’s the main access point between the wetlands and the area of interest. We’re not assuming it’s a cryptid or some other creature that’s been sighted. We just find it very interesting.


During our daylight investigation we found signs that something was living underneath there or at least spent some time there. The above photo shows a very large fish head that was dragged 10 feet above the bank into a dark corner. A raccoon or Gollum? We hope to find out.


8 Responses to “On the trail of the Night Creeper”

  1. Mr. Creeper Says:

    … i cant compete with that. Im just a normal creeper…

    Mr. Creeper


  2. Cmptrvir Schemebashr Says:

    But Cuba, it's a, a, a Macy's!!! Duh duh duuuuuuu.

  3. a. Says:

    er, is Andrew a mormon?

  4. Andrew Mayne Says:

    We're on a mission.

  5. a. Says:

    are you going to save the night creeper by converting it? I'm related to mormons, I can get you spanish language mormon magazines.

  6. Andrew Mayne Says:

    Maybe he's going to convert us…

  7. Thlowe Says:

    Will this be recorded to be watched later?

  8. Andrew Mayne Says: