What Technically Defines A River Monster?

Posted by on May 7th, 2010

Above is a scene from Animal Planet’s series River Monsters. But although some fish look straight up and down bizarre (see the massive fugly catfish above) that doesn’t necessarily make them dangerous.

For example, hippos and alligators are far more murderous than say piranhas, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t once a fish that could cause some serious trouble.

A relative of the piranha, the Megapiranha, grew to 3-feet-long (1 meter), or four times the size of today’s piranhas. Scientists aren’t sure why the fish-beast had seven teeth arranged in a zig-zag row, while today’s piranhas sport six teeth. Fortunately the mega creature is not much of a threat, having died out several million years ago.

Read the whole Live Science article for far more info.

[Live Science]

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