Podcast: Super-Awesome Juice

Posted by on May 17th, 2010

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The crew invents a new form of inter-species prejudice, declares their willingness to do stupid things in the name of science and then goes metaphysical.

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9 Responses to “Podcast: Super-Awesome Juice”

  1. Cameron Says:

    About damn time. These should definitely come out more often.

  2. mark Says:

    I wish all podcasts would become bi-quarterly it's a nice rest after all that listening.

    About the “radio station”; they're called number stations:

  3. Jaye Sunsurn Says:

    Query: Say they have a 'Super Awesome' chemical that crosses the blood brain barrier that opens up your brain to see past the metaphor and lets you see that particular direction which you can step into another alternate universe, something you can't see due to our limitations without that drug. Into a world where AI has taken over and humans are slaves and like people taking those drugs because it brings more slaves for them to have. But then Mr. Andrew 'Quisling' Mayne your running a special numbers station helping distribute this drug to various shores of the world aren't you.

  4. Krister Says:

    Yeah, I think you have to read this in that nasal nerd voice.

    But I have to correct mr Brushwood on the math, he claimed that rational numbers are uncountably infinite, but infact they can be proved to be countably infinite. The real numbers, on the other hand, are uncountably infinite.

    And yes, I probably complain about the smallest thing that could be argued about in this episode.

    *Time tavel* – Sure, sounds about right.
    *AI overlords*- I see no problem with that.
    *Small, slipup in a mathexample not terribly important for the topics at hand* – Oh, hold on! Come on guys, do you think you can just make stuff up!!

  5. Sebastian_Amunategui Says:

    Yessss! It's been way too long!

    Love the podcast guys, don't make me wait 8 years again for the next one.

    Or else…

  6. Andrew Mayne Says:

    You're going on the list for that.

  7. xalidus Says:

    Great episode, gentlemen. Well worth the wait.

    In regards to Andrew's final question about investigating actual weird things, that sounds cool. I would definitely watch that.

    And am I the only one to notice that the previous podcast brought up the subject of reparations for neandethals and now this podcast has established that modern man could have neanderthal ancestors? Could this be the beginings of a scheme that's meant to scam a casino out of wealthy and gullible homo sapiens? A casino where the unfortunate gambler that loses his/her life savings will be offered a chance to regain their lost money, but only if they play out one of Andrew's scenarios in real life?

  8. SonicPet07 Says:

    How I've missed these conversations. Keep them coming. My only problem is that the audio is very very quiet. Even with volume maxed out it's still hard to hear even on my good speakers.

    Also it would be nice if you could list the topics you cover and your recommendations in the post for the podcast.

    Otherwise keep them coming

    Otherwise keep it coming.

  9. JustinRYoung Says:

    You should try doing all the talking… 🙂

    That wikipedia is where I got the example heard in the podcast.