Construction Worker Beats Up Komodo Dragon

Posted by on May 24th, 2010


Welcome to Indonesia, where safety is job one on our construction sites. Make sure you wear your hard hat and goggles at all times and stiffen up that right cross for the occasional lizard attack.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – An Indonesian worker freed himself from an attacking Komodo dragon by punching the reptile’s snout until it released him and ran away, a national park official said Monday.

Agustinus Jenaru, 20, was working inside an unfinished wooden bungalow on Rinca island when the 6.5-foot (two meter) lizard entered and bit onto his left hand on Saturday, said Komodo National Park official Daniel Bolu Ngongo.

Jenaru hit the jaws of the giant lizard for several seconds until it freed him. Jenaru was taken to a clinic for treatment of lacerations and a puncture wound.

…and beyond that, no one is sure if that lizard was even union.


One Response to “Construction Worker Beats Up Komodo Dragon”

  1. xalidus Says:

    So we have to wait until the next full moon in order to get the story about a “were-lizard” working construction in Indonesia?

    Actually that's kind of cool. Agustinus Jenaru has an awesome story that he can tell for the rest of his life. I kind of wish I would get attacked by a giant lizard, just so I could have a cool story. But I punch like a sissy, so my story would involve screaming, slapping and finally letting the lizard have my leg in exchange for him not telling his lizard friends that I'm such a wuss.