New Discovery Helps Prove That Earth Sucked Until Asteroid Brought Water

Posted by on April 29th, 2010


A thin film of water ice and organic material has been identified on an asteroid by a NASA telescope. This bolsters the theory that an asteroid brought both crucial elements for life to Earth.

“It now appears that when the asteroids and planets were first forming in the very early Solar System, ice extended far into the Main Belt region,” said Josh Emery, a planetary scientist at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. “Extending this refined view to planetary systems around other stars, the building blocks of life — water and organics — may be more common near each star’s habitable zone.”

The discovery also confuses the definition of comets and asteroids, in case you were wondering.

[Pop Sci]

One Response to “New Discovery Helps Prove That Earth Sucked Until Asteroid Brought Water”

  1. Marty Says:

    They also discovered that planetoids ( Comets and Asteroids and Pluto btw ) were merely only rocks and dust, but they also have an ice-layer around them wich continuously grows from the inside and decay's from the outside.

    Not sure if this removes the confusion about asteroids and comets, but it explains alot.