Podcast: Dark Territory/White Meat

Posted by on December 1st, 2009

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In this episode Brian is forced to make a choice involving cannibalism and his family and utters the phrase that will haunt his children for years to come, “Cannibalism ain’t as bad as it used to be”. Andrew struggles to explain the Singularity so he can prove why he’s right and everyone else is wrong about aliens visiting us and we all fail miserably at imagining the world in 20 years. Plus we provide first ever proof that Harry Houdini made contact with the Old Ones of the Chuthlu Mythos.

Link: Ray Kurzweil’s TED talk on the Singularity University
Link: PDF of Beneath the Pyramids (Published as Imprisoned with the Pharoahs)

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4 Responses to “Podcast: Dark Territory/White Meat”

  1. Petefic Says:

    Brian has a goat?

  2. Andrew Mayne Says:



    Andrew Mayne
    //website andrewmayne.com
    //Twitter @AndrewMayne

  3. poopoohead Says:

    This was great,more shows like this!!!!

  4. poopoohead Says:

    This was great,more shows like this!!!!