Podcast: No Sign of Intelligent Life

Posted by on November 12th, 2009

weird things podcast SMIn this episode the brain trust can’t figure out a practical application for teleportation, has a heated debate over the ideal super fortress and almost comes to fisticuffs over the possibility that we’ve been visited by alien life.

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6 Responses to “Podcast: No Sign of Intelligent Life”

  1. joshknepper Says:

    Teleportation would be amazing! I would use it to get to the top of the slopes instead of using the slow chair lift. I could increase my runs per day by like 500% !!! Sign me up!

  2. Tony Ley Says:

    Bummed I missed the Scientology part. Man, do me and the Scientologists have a history! Almost arrested during some shenanigans in my younger years.

  3. joshknepper Says:

    Hahahah – Brian was cut off a lot at the end there!!! 😛

  4. tadghoc Says:

    Hurry up and get a new one out!!!

  5. tadghoc Says:

    Hurry up and get a new one out!!!

  6. Hazy Says:

    Brian hates earth. hes an unpatriotic human. SHAME ON YOU!