Military, Government Sources Talk About UFO Experiences

Posted by on July 9th, 2009

Here is the trailer for a new documentary entitled I Know What I Saw, which attempts to gather the most decorated, credible panel of people who claim to have seen UFOs. Among those interviewed are military men and government officials from the US and abroad.

Thanks to John Houdi for the tip.

4 Responses to “Military, Government Sources Talk About UFO Experiences”

  1. Aunt Joemima Says:

    Awesome! I've been waiting for a documentary like this for a while. My friend has a few tapes featuring toothless, uneducated country folk who claim UFO sightings, and they don't exactly come off as “credible” or “sober.”

  2. BastardSheep Says:

    It doesn't add to the credibility of the claims though, it is simply the argument from authority logical fallacy. These people despite their training or position are still as fallable as the rest of us or as the hicks in your video. Human perception is just about the worst measuring tool one can use. We all suffer from paradolia, depth perception issues at distance and in the sky without background distance reference points, and most importantly faulty memories.

  3. daddy111 Says:

    if they admitted to aliens then there religion will fall apart….

  4. ??????????? Says:

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