Creepy Robot YouTube Megamix!

Posted by on July 16th, 2009

Robots will one day, systematically, dismantle humanity. Our cries for mercy falling on the literal tin ears of our vengeful creations. But until that time, they’ll settle for creeping us the hell out.

Join us and we take a walk through a rogue’s gallery of the creepiest robots on The Internet via this handy YouTube playlist. To toggle through the videos, please utilize the arrows on either side of the picture.

CLICK AFTER THE JUMP for the full tour.1) Faceless Elvis

This is a stripped-down version of Elvis Alive, in itself a creepy moving bust of the King of Rock and Roll that talks and sings. However, remove the skin and hair and the creepiness shoots through the stratosphere.

2) Creepy Crawly

Possibly the only cheater in the group since it was specifically designed to be creepy. This Australian art project executed by a Japanese performance artist finds a Japanese businessman crawling through a busy walkway.

3) Walk The Dog

Eerie in how fluid the movement is, this military prototype walks like a graceful animal. If the way it recovers while slipping on the ice doesn’t send a chill up your spine, you’re dead.

4) Smilin’ Al

Watch a bust of Albert Einstein learn how to express various emotions. All of them conjure the word, “creeper,” in your head.

5) Rinse And Spit

A Japanese robot theoretically used to help dental students practice their trade. In reality, the rapidly darting eyes and perma-slack jaw create a perfect storm of creepy that is only capped off when the droid “coughs” at the 0:20 mark.

6) Dance Fever

These little fellas aren’t all that weird. In fact, they’re pretty delightful. We just couldn’t resist ending this with dancing robots. Your move, Mr. Moore.

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  1. massagers Says:

    This is the weirdest of all!


  2. richardz315 Says:

    Nice, thank you for sharing this info

  3. sabrinavernon Says:

    Need to add these I think…sexy is not so creepy until you think about whether you are attracted…

    Brain Machine Interface:


    and finally:

    Save your brain!!! You could have a robot body someday…