Catholic Church Persecuting Witches Again!

Posted by on June 19th, 2009


You thought the Catholic Church was done persecuting witches. Well, they are at it again, this time in Stockport, UK.

High Priestess Amethyst Selmeselene (also known as Sandra Davis, grandmother of 11) attempted to rent out “Our Lady’s Social Club” for her group’s annual Witch’s Ball. When she went to pay for the venue she had secured, she was turned away and told that the Roman Catholic Church, which owns the facility, had blocked her from renting the center.

Her goal was to attract a crowd of people to do obscene and ungodly things like have a buffet dinner and dance to an ABBA tribute band.
Though we can fault High Priestess Selmeselene for her taste in music, we can’t fault her for wanting to get down and have a good time with her women’s group.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Shewsbury told Ananova News that “Parish centers under our auspices let their premises on the understanding users and their organisations are compatible with the ethos and teachings of the Catholic church.” And apparently that means a no go for pagan partying.

When will the Catholics leave those poor witches alone? When will they finally be free to dance to bad eighties music while talking shop around a bubbling cauldron? I guess the Church decided that if they can’t burn them, they should at least be able to ban them from their rec. center.

6 Responses to “Catholic Church Persecuting Witches Again!”

  1. Gill Says:

    Churches in Stockport will never give ground to paganism and witchcraft. It is asking for rebuff to try to turn things round. If you want a good night out then choose a non-ecumenical venue – lighten up and have fun where you will do no damage to feelings and Christian tradition!

  2. Sandra Davies Says:

    Can I just say that this article has gone completely haywire.

    Firstly I did not know that the Flint Street Social Club belonged to the Catholic Church until I telephoned them to see if I could hire the room.

    When he answered the telephone he answered with 'Our Lady's' and that made me ask the questionI heard you call this Our Lady's does this mean that you are connected to the Catholic Church and he said we are connected but this is a totally independant business.

    With this I explained who and what I was and why I wanted to book the room and that I didnt want to compromise him in any way.

    My criteria for finding a room is:

    1It had ground floor access enabling people with dissabilites could attend
    2. It had a stage for the |Entertainment and their equipment
    3. It had a dance floor
    4. It had a bar.
    5. We could do our own catering
    6. Would accomodate approx 150 people

    He then said the room was available the date I required and that it did not matter what I used the room for once I had hired it. He gave me seven days to take down the £175.00 room charge.

    When I tried to make a time and date to do this I couldnt get through during the day and so I telephoned him in the evening and this is when he told me we could not have the room. He was a very helpful nice person.

    He said he was embarassed at having to tell me the decision and that he had tried to explain that I had been totally upfront with him but that the outcome was 'they don't want you here'.

    At first I thought it was funny although inconvenient as I now had to find another room with the same criteria which was not easy.

    When I thought about it a little it seemed to me that there was still an element of 'witch's are bad' attitude here.

    I am so shocked and surprised that it has caused such a wide spread interest and all the attentionbut it has.

    If I had know it was run by a Catholic ChurchI most certainly would not have attempted to book the room.

    All I wanted was a nice room to have the 'Witch's Ball'. Which I have now achieved and booked.

    That is all there is to this storynothing sinister or underhand.

    So, enough is enough, this story has got out of handand and I refuse to discuss it anymore.

    It was suposed to be just a funny little incident which has been taken out of context by the press (as usual) it was not intended to humiliate or disrespect any other relgious belief and especially to affect Paganism in an adverse way.

    I think we should be ALL be left alone to follow which path we want without retribution or descrimination.

  3. Bella Says:

    Hey! Don't make me get my broom out. lol I agree Sandra, people should not judge whatever path other people want to fllow. 🙂

  4. massagers Says:

    Hey, that's really funny, even my two years old kid won't scare of this picture at all i guess, thanks.

  5. bible study Says:

    nice post, ill be checking back for more updates 🙂

  6. kathy389 Says:

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