Caveman Playboy

Posted by on May 16th, 2009

Penn Bullock Reports:


No – that’s not a small, cooked, headless chicken, but a 25,000 year-old statuette just unearthed in Germany. Archeologists are calling it the earliest known example of human pornography. When we at Weirdthings took a closer look, we observed, without arousal, the “dramatically exaggerated breasts” as put in the delicate words of the archeologists. The curves on this female form suggest, for one, that thin hasn’t always been in. 25,000 years ago, man’s ideal woman had the body of a boulder, chicken wings for legs, protruding, basket-ball-sized breasts, and no head. Imagine the pressure on women back then to live up to the ideal.

3 Responses to “Caveman Playboy”

  1. PsyberDave Says:

    She's hot.

  2. PsyberDave Says:

    She's hot.

  3. ripley Says:

    Definitely not as comely as the Venus of Willendorf.