Ghost Nun Offers Interior Decorating Advice

Posted by on April 14th, 2009


The Ghost of a pregnant, South African Nun, that haunts a house in Bathurst, has been doling out interior design tips to her earthly hosts. Marilyn Michau, the owner of the home, was reportedly dropping her daughter off for a consultation with a local medium, when the medium approached her and told her that she had a message from the nun. Michau, who had noticed strange and haunting anomalies around her house was not surprised that the nun was trying to communicate with her. According to Michau:

She [the nun speaking through the medium] described the house exactly and asked me to renovate and restore it to its former glory particularly by making the upstairs windows into doors again.”

Michau followed the nun’s advice, though here at WeirdThings, we would be hesitant to accept any fashion advice from a nun. The pregnant nun was said to have offed herself when her illicit affair with a local man was discovered. We’d like to think she would have considered the immaculate conception defense first, but without her sacrifice Michau’s house wouldn’t look nearly as nifty.

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