Famous Psychic says Swine Flu is No Biggie

Posted by on April 30th, 2009


Stop! Hold it, put down your mask and pick up your pork chop. There is no need to worry your weird heads about swine flu anymore. The nasty virus that originated in Mexico has already claimed many lives, and cases are being reported all over the world, with more than sixty cases in the United States alone thus far. But today you can breath a sigh of relief because swine flu is actually no big deal. So say epedimiologists? So say medical doctors? No! So says famous psychic to the stars Peggy Rometo, and she should know, she works with celebrities.

Read on to hear Ms. Rometo’s take on the current crisis…

When Peggy is not casting star signs and teaching reiki, she spends some time waxing prophetic on international issues. Women On The Web caught up with her to ask her predictions on the impending doom that is swine flu, and lets just say, she puts our minds at ease:

wowOwow: Will swine flu become a global pandemic?

Peggy Rometo: No. This is an ailment that reminds me of Legionnaire’s disease; it’s dangerous, but can be contained. This will not be a deadly epidemic like the Black Plague, or strike in numbers anywhere near those of AIDS or cancer. There is legitimate concern; this is clearly an issue the medical profession needs to address, which they are doing. But stress breeds stress; and it’s important to remain calm and attentive, and to follow through with common-sense measures such as hand washing.

wOw: How long will concern about this disease be front and center?

Peggy: It will be a lead story in the news for the next four to six weeks. Then it will recede — similar to the trajectory of Mad-Cow Disease. It will, however, remain in the background for a very long time. We just won’t live and die by it.

There you have it, specific claims, straight from the psychics mouth. Looks like we don’t have much to worry about guys. She goes on to predict more reassuring news, like there will be fewer than ten deaths in the United States due to the virus.

We were wondering why the best medical minds in the universe are so stymied by swine flu, when Peggy sees so clearly, so we decided to call her and ask: How Do you know what you know? We called her office several times today and no one picked up, so until she does, the mystical source of her swine prophecy remains a mystery. Where Peggy got her degree in epedimiology, we don’t know, but as always with psychics, it’s better to trust blindly than to ask questions, especially when these answers about swine flu are particularly comforting.

4 Responses to “Famous Psychic says Swine Flu is No Biggie”

  1. The Magi Says:

    HEY!!!! Stop talking about this woman like that!! She HAPPENS to be VERY HOT!…..

    Am I the only one seeing this here?

  2. seanmccabe88 Says:

    This salient fact was not lost on me Magi.

  3. HLKing Says:

    We'll just have to remind her of what she was reported as saying, in four-to-six weeks time. What's the betting she's about as wrong as it gets?

  4. HLKing Says:

    We'll just have to remind her of what she was reported as saying, in four-to-six weeks time. What's the betting she's about as wrong as it gets?