Japanese Women Takes 10,000 Volts to the Face… And Lives!

Posted by on September 9th, 2010

Check out this amazing video that shows what happens when electricity meets flesh. A Japanese women scaled an electric pole and refused to come down, and while arguing with authorities touched one of the lines, sending a 10,000 volt spark arcing from her finger to her face. To her credit, she argued for another 45 mins. before firefighters finally talked her down.

4 Responses to “Japanese Women Takes 10,000 Volts to the Face… And Lives!”

  1. Josh Bulloc Says:

    I just don’t have any stupid comments for this one.

    Josh Bulloc
    Kansas City, MO

  2. EbonNebula Says:

    how do you say “WTF did you think would happen?!?” in Japanese?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How do you say “WTF did you think would happen?” in Japanese?

  4. ManusFerrea Says:

    I assume the unintended frontal lobotomy (is that frontal Lambada me!!) was an almost immediate cure to her rage issues that caused the many small children in the neighborhood to call her the Wicked Witch of Little Tokyo. She is now a well adjusted old lady giving Light Bright tutorials to those same evil little neighborhood children that used to call her names… It’s a Win for all!