Werewolf Teenagers Grip West Texas

Posted by on June 3rd, 2010

Every generation of teenagers has their own “outsider” sub-culture. Goth, hippie, punk, raver… All pleasantly strange without being scary. But as yet another sign we live in the future, teenagers have finally found a way to freak out even the most die hard counter-culturist. At over a dozen high schools in San Antonio, TX teenagers are transforming into werewolves.

While there isn’t much supernatural about these teens (they put together outfits made of fake tales, novelty contacts, fangs, and dog leashes to approximate the real thing) there is plenty weird about it. The kids involved don’t find it terribly odd though.  To them it’s not a gang or a cult or a sign they need therapy. They consider their pack a support system, which is a something they’ll desperately need to make it through High School dressed as werewolves.

Is this happening elsewhere, or is it just a Texas thing? If you’ve seen a pack of wolves in your town let us know in the comments!

3 Responses to “Werewolf Teenagers Grip West Texas”

  1. Billybob Says:

    Better load up on silver bullets.

  2. Glenn Caine Says:

    I'll bet a weeks pay they're all vegetarians or vegans too.

  3. shaynen Says:

    we have a whole pack here in albuquerque NM right next to TX