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But my question was: How many people would say they speak Esperanto, if asked in a census. You speak only about those people that had enough time, money and intelligence to learn English to a communication level. How many people can speak Esperanto? - Quora No one knows quite how many Esperantists there really are! All You Need to Know about Esperanto - CCJK With all that being said, how many people speak Esperanto today, more than 130 years after the invention of the language? And even though Esperanto was made to be an auxiliary language, there is a cohort of about 1,000 people who speak Esperanto as their first language, a few of whom were interviewed in the video above. A simple calculation accompanied by reasonable refinements leads to a number of approximately two million Esperanto users within the internet community alone, probably . "The internal idea of Esperanto is: the foundation of a neutral language will help break down barriers between peoples and help people get used to the idea that each one of them should see their neighbors only as a human being and a brother." L.L . The vast majority of these speakers live in Argentina (5.9 million), Colombia (2 million), Chile (1.97 million) and Puerto Rico (1.6 million). Sometimes up. List of Esperanto speakers - Wikipedia You can search for Esperanto-speaking clubs in your area, where you can have conversations in Esperanto . Now, would a shared language solve these quarrels? I started to meet people from different countries in the . In this page you could see ten pictures of people that helped me in Hanoi and Seoul, just because I speak Esperanto. What is Esperanto? RIMARKU: Ĉi tiu paĝo (kiel la tuta retejo) estas havebla ankaŭ en Esperanto What is Esperanto? Asked By Wiki User. Or: Esperanto on the web 321 social networks, provide for the first time in history, a reliable method to assess the number of people who speak Esperanto or have some knowledge of it. A List of Languages that will Conquer the World by 2020 How many people speak esperanto? Today Portuguese is the 5th most spoken language in the world. Considered a failed language by many, it is still spoken by millions in people and is in fact growing in some regions of the world. Precisely speaking, there were 350 thousand users, who have stated they speak Esperanto, and based on this and two variables (not every speaker writes about it and not every human uses Esperanto), which are pretty well estimated (based on the similar data about other languages) it gives the number of 2 million speakers. Esperanto played a very vital role in World War 2. Every year the event takes place in a different country and has been going since 1905 (except during the World Wars). Estimates are around a quarter million. Not only that, it's spoken in 10 countries from South America to Africa, making it a handy language to know by 2020. Since Esperanto is derived from Germanic, Romance, and Slavic languages, it will help you recognize words in these different language groups. "Thanks to Esperanto, I've met many people that I would have just passed by otherwise — many fascinating people," Greg says. A man named David could decide to use David, Davido, or the nickname Daĉjo. 3. 80 million people signed a petition supporting Esperanto for use in the United Nations. And what's a constructed language, even? His drawing of the Moon was carried aboard Space Shuttle Columbia . Some 2,000 Esperanto-speakers from 63 nations spent last week in Bialystok at an anniversary congress marking the 1859 birth in this northeastern Polish city of their founding father, Ludwik Zamenhof. But for an Australian, for example, learning any foreign language isn't really that useful. By the way, the word «Esperanto» itself translates as «the one who hopes» into English. My estimation for a possible result in a world wide census was 160,000 to 300,000 worldwide, based on the census numbers in Hungary (2001) and Lithuania (2001). If you want to ask a question about Esperanto please do so in the question thread stickied at the top of the sub, otherwise it will be removed. Petr Ginz, native Esperanto speaking boy who wrote an Esperanto-Czech dictionary but later died in a concentration camp at age 16. By the way, the word «Esperanto» itself translates as «the one who hopes» into English. However, unlike the other languages, it does not have a country of origin, nor its own people who speak it natively. Asked By Wiki User. Viewed 3k times 12 3. get rid of the bad habit of translating into another language as you read. The World Esperanto Congress is a large Esperanto event organized by the World Esperanto Association. How many people speak Esperanto compared to other planned languages? Perhaps after a sustained and coordinated campaign of state-sponsored education this might change (as happened to promote the "French language" in 19th Century France) but this would not be politically possible (nor . Esperanto contains 28 letters. Rare and Dying Languages of the World. The best test is always to see how many people currently speak a given language and, on that basis, Esperanto falls short. Having the ability to learn Esperanto so quickly can allow you to move on to learning other foreign languages. According to Zamenhof, he created the language to reduce the "time and labor we spend in learning . This number certainly could be off by 25%, or even 50%, but it is unlikely to be off by a factor of ten. Abstract. Copy. 1.7 million understands Irish to some extent (ratio 33.20) 100,000 people speak it well (ratio 1.95) Esperanto har tilhengjarar over heile verda; ingen veit kor mange som kan snakka det. People from all over the world have learned Esperanto. Names for men in Esperanto generally end in -o, and nicknames in -ĉjo. Similarly, Prof. Sidney Culbert has for many years done a census of the speakers of many languages. More than 2 million people can speak it. Already, many languages only live in the dusty pages of history books. Esperanto provides a base for learning other languages. Zamenhof created Esperanto. The Esperanto language was created in 1887 by the Polish linguist and doctor L.L. Wiki User. More people are studying Esperanto today. 2. You will be redirected to the full text document in the repository in a few seconds, if not click here. How many people speak Esperanto? [There's a lot of debate over how many people speak Esperanto. How much is a 451-436-6 Esperanto by drexel worth? 1,000 people speak Esperanto as their native language. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 1 month ago. We suggest an updated estimate of the number of Esperanto speakers worldwide, based on the number of people in Facebook who indicate that they speak the language. 6. Fortunately this part of our work is pretty easy: we just give them the facts. Esperanto fans are used to the kooky image many outsiders have of them. Best Answer. His diary appears in Czech, Spanish, Catalan and Esperanto, and was recently published in English. Where does the language of Esperanto originate from? The wide acceptance of Esperanto translates to about two million using it as their second language. Comparing its origins from the 1800's to today is wrong on many levels. Marking The Centennial Of Esperanto Creator's Visit May 25, 2010 321 . As far as culture, I hope it's known that there are people in this world who's first language is Esperanto and to say they have no culture is uncalled for. Esperanto was added to Google Translate as its 64th language on February 22, 2012. . Many people (myself included) in Ireland speak a "cúpla focail" (i.e. The app says that some 1.1 million users have signed up to do one of the Esperanto courses - half of the people who actually speak it. People speak Portuguese not only in Portugal but also many people speak Portuguese in Brazil, one of the fastest growing economies in the world. According to World Atlas, 103,541 people in Poland speak English. Prof. Culbert's estimate has two advantages over any other I've seen: 1. Esperanto is a widely spoken universal language. Esperanto is a constructed language that was designed to make international communication easier, and to be easy to learn. Speakers of Esperanto are located in many parts of the globe. How many people speak Esperanto in America? See Answer. Or: Esperanto on the web . A simple calculation accompanied by reasonable refinements leads to a number of approximately two million Esperanto users within the internet community alone . Esperanto is the most famous constructed language, and its popularity seems to be growing. Grammatikken er gjennomført regelrett og langt meir lettlært enn i sokalla «naturlege» språk. The experiments conducted and repeated many times at Paderborn went much further, finding that 150 hours of Esperanto is enough, for a French speaker, to reach a level about equivalent to 1500 hours in English or 2000 in German; showing Esperanto is learned 10 to 13 times faster than other languages. There is no longer an excuse if you want to speak Latin. That is the majority of the people and a very small minority is genuinely fluent. Stephanie TAM: Estimates for how many people speak Esperanto range, but the Ethnologue, a comprehensive language database, cites 2 million speakers spanning 100 countries. ni; you (plural) vi; they. In case you need a translation of Pope Francis' speeches or any other documents, Mars Translation is here for you. Esperanto is spoken in almost every country in the world. Sabira Ståhlberg, editor-in-chief of the online Esperanto magazine Kontakto and the vice-president of the . is the largest international learning portal for Esperanto. "I speak it because I find it useful, not because I have any ideological link to it in any way," said Rolf Fantom, 28 . His diary appears in Czech, Spanish, Catalan and Esperanto, and was recently published in English. Even if you just want to learn English online or know a few words in another language, it might help to get advice from people who have done it multiple times over. Polyglots are certainly rare and interesting people: only about 3% of the world's total population can speak four or more languages. Esperanto was once a popular foreign language in China, but now only few people are still learning and using it, with some of them worrying the community would disappear in the future. Many people find that they speak Esperanto better after a few months' study than a language they learned at school for several years. I've seen numbers ranging from 100 000 to 8 million. It is very hard to count how many people in the world actually speak Esperanto. It's a bit like asking "How many people can play chess?" In 1996, a Finnish linguist, Jouko Lindstedt, gave the following estimates of language capabilities within the. It's one of the easiest languages to learn! His drawing of the Moon was carried aboard Space Shuttle Columbia . It's hard to know exactly how many people speak Esperanto, but according to some estimates, there are at least 2 million speakers in the world today. Many of the words are rooted in European languages"bona," which means . He estimates that 1.5 to two million people speak Esperanto (to the Foreign Service Level 3 capability). And some people adopted it as their first language. Professor Sidney S. Culbert of the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, has done the most comprehensive survey on language use ever attempted. That means one language on average could be lost every fortnight, when the remaining elderly native speakers die. All words are phonetic, without the silent letters common in English, and are generally short. Just 1,000 of those are native speakers , who grow up in Esperanto-speaking families and usually also speak 1 or 2 other national languages. After World War II many people supported Esperanto. People from all over the world have learned Esperanto. I've heard a few times in the media that there are more Klingon speakers than Esperanto speakers, but I can't believe this is true. Ethnologue's latest data says there are 1,000 people who use Esperanto as their first language. I've made friends around the world through Esperanto that I would never have been able to communicate with otherwise. «Population» of Esperanto. After World War II many people supported Esperanto. More than 2 million people can speak it. Some years ago I made an estimation like that of Jiri Lebl.

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how many people speak esperanto