Satan: Church Party Planner

Posted by Forrest on October 29th, 2011

Oh, Satan you crafty devil. Roughly a year ago, Ol’ Scratch apparently planned a “Halleujah Fest” as a clever marketing ploy because the whole demon thing didn’t test well with church-going demographics. Pastor Terry Anderson exposed the Enemy’s plot last year:

“I heard on the radio of a church advertising a Halleujah Fest. It’s going to be next Sunday, October 31st. Halloween. And, they’re having a Hallelujah Fest not to call it a Halloween celebration. … It’s a Hallelujah Fest where you come with masks, either a animated mask or make your own mask or come as Cinderella come as Dracula come as Jesus come as John the Baptist. It’s a Hallelujah Fest and I think it’s an insidious, clever move of the Devil to have something for Halloween and tack Hallelujah on it and make it seem like it’s not witchcraft. … I don’t think you oughta tack Jesus to Halloween to try to sanctify the devil’s holiday.”

Satan: The Don Draper of Cosmic Evil.


  • Grace Goldragon

    Now I know what to say to people who hand out bibles and preach at me in lieu of candy while I’m trying to trick-or-treat.  “Don’t try to sanctify the devil’s holiday!”