Israel Military Hates Dungeons & Dragons

Posted by Kody on September 21st, 2011

skitched-20110921-130231.jpgWhat involves pencil and paper, dice, and being kicked out of the Israel Defense Forces? You guessed it, Dungeons & Dragons! Apparently the IDF is under the impression that people who play the fantasy role-playing game while serving in compulsory military service are too detached from reality, and are a potential security risk.

The policy started as a rumor but the army has confirmed this strange policy is in effect. It is actively part of their intake process to ask, or through other means find out, if the soldiers have played or are currently involved in the game. If the soldier is found to be involved with the game he is given an automatic “low security clearance” and then sent to a military psychologist for evaluation, if not kicked out of the military all together. When asked why this policy exists, and what is so wrong about people who play D&D, the IDF replies with “(people who play D&D) are detached from reality and susceptible to influence”. “They may have a week personality, (an) element which lowers a persons security clearance, allowing them to serve in the military, but not in sensitive positions”.

Unfortunately for gamers in Israel, the policy shows no signs of leaving, but that’s alright if they have no intent of joining the army. On the other hand, the US military has no such restrictions, and in 2008 actually hosted world wide D&D events in Bagram, Balad, AL Udeid, and Kandahar, for deployed soldiers.

[YNet News]

  • Joseph

    Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell(about your level 40 Paladin)

  • busterggi

    Probably upset because Yahweh was left out of Deities & Demigods.

  • Anonymous

    They wouldn’t be so susceptable to influence if they simply put more points into their Wisdom and get a bonus to their saving throw against such things. Duh.

  • Brian

    Doesn’t everyone in Israel have to serve in the army?

  • Anonymous

    According to the players handbook, they have to serve unless they’re dwarves or half-elves.

  • Anonymous

    According to the players handbook, they have to serve unless they’re dwarves or half-elves.