Dowry Scam Leaves Indian Woman Shocked Her Husband Is A Lady

Posted by James on August 15th, 2011

Typically, in a marriage, there is some degree of trust between the two people in the marriage. Even more typically, most married couples know the gender of the person they are becoming married to. Not in this case, however. This past week, Minati Khatua, a 26-year old woman from Orissa, India, was married to her fiance, Sitakant Routray, who received a large dowry, due to Indian tradition. This included a Indica car, a gold watch, and about $575 in cash. This all seemed normal to Khatua, who was also very happy because Routray was readily accepted by her family, and the marriage blessed.

However, Kautua began to get suspicious when her husband refused to let her touch him for a year, due to ‘religious reasons’. She kept trying to consumate the marriage, and eventually stumbled into the bathroom while he was washing. This was where Khatua got a massive shock. Her husband wasn’t really her husband. He was her wife.

The police are trying to find out more about this case, but are having trouble as Rautay absconded with a jeep which was bought using loans taken out in Kautua’s name.

Source [Orange]

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